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Images (2)From the point of making the decision about getting a dog to choosing the puppy and bringing it home, there are many things to be taken into consideration. Having a dog is a responsibility. Dog ownership will require a lot of your time and finances, however, the rewards are priceless. It is our hopes that the information you find here will help you make the right choices about not only choosing a dog but also give you information about how to help your new puppy become a well behaved and vital part of your family.

It is important that your puppy learn early on what is considered acceptable behavior in your home. This cute little bundle of energy does not come automatically knowing the house rules. Just as with children, it will be the family's job to teach it what is expected of him. In general, whatever you don’t want your dog to do as an adult, teach it what you will want it to do now and later as an adult. Failure to teach your dog the rules of the house when he is young can result in an unmanageable grown dog. This means you will need to establish the rules for your home, and everyone in the home must abide by the rules that have been established. For example, if you don't want your Great Dane pup on the couch when it is grown and over 100 pounds, don't allow it on the couch now. And it is not alright for Mom to say no to the couch, but Dad and the kids to allow it. Consistency in applying the rules will be important to success not matter what you are trying to teach your pup.

Dr. Gray advocates positive reinforcement training. Listed below are several good books that could help you teach your pup to be a good citizen and family member. These books can be found in our in house library for you to check out for a nominal fee or you can purchase these books very economically from

Family Friendly Dog Training--Patricia B. McConnell

Way to Go, How to Housetrain a Dog of Any Age--Patricia B. McConnell

The Power of Positive Dog Training--Pat Miller

How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves--Sophia Yin, DVM

Before & After Getting Your Puppy--Ian Dunbar, DVM

Good Websites Include:

If you have any questions about your new puppy please feel free to contact Dr. Gray at

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