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Equine Laser Therapy


Your horse is an athlete, why not treat him like one. Your horses's musculoskeletal system comprises 60% of his body. This system is responsible for your horse's movement and athletic ability. Injuries from trauma to this dynamic system is one of the most common reported by horse owners and treated by veterinarians, including wounds from wire and metal; muscle, tendon, ligament and bone injuries due to over use, the nature of the your horse's job (concussive performances), and poor conformation.

All athletes (man and beast) have to endure the rigors of training and this training results in pain and soreness. Unlike us, your horse cannot talk, sharing with you important information about how his body feels. How are you to know if your horse has musculoskeletal pain? Muscle pain can be exhibited in many ways:

  • reluctance/resistant to lead changes

  • persistent head tossing/shaking

  • shortened/choppy stride, improper tracking, hindlimb interference

  • stumbling

  • noticeable shoulder/hip lameness

  • unusual wear on toes or heels

  • bucking/irritability

  • a loss in performance/suppleness/range of motion

When muscles, tendons and ligaments are insulted, the end result is usually inflammation and pain of the area. Continued use of these injured areas can lead to even further damage. When the muscle/tendon/ligament can no longer perform as it is demanded, it tears. Most injuries to these structures are cumulative, by the time you notice a problem, muscular dysfunction has already occurred.

Cold laser therapy can benefit your equine athlete by:

  • accelerating the rehabilitation and healing of many common lameness disorders (tendonitis, desmitis, synovitis, arthritis)

  • maintain the peak performance within any equine athletic discipline

  • aid in preventing occurrence or recurrence of athletic injuries

  • aid in a more rapid healing of traumatic wounds to skin, ligaments, etc.

One of the most important aspects of equine sports is the maintenance of these athletes at their highest level of performance. Cold Laser Therapy to injured and inflamed tissues stimulate a photobiochemical cascade of events, at the cellular level, that can reduce inflammation, increase microcirculation and in turn decrease pain in your horse, leading to an accelerated restoration of function and healing within the tissues. Laser therapy has a cumulative effect, each treatment complementary to the last on a cellular level, analogous to the loading dose of a pharmacological medicine such as Banamine or Phenylbutazone.

Each horse is unique and a realistic therapeutic goal should be established between you and your veterinarian, tailored to fit your horse's specific needs. With acute injuries treatment is generally accomplished through early aggressive daily (to every other day) treatments for several treatments, transitioning to once or twice a week therapy sessions as dictated by your horse's condition. For chronic conditions and muscle sorenesses due to training, periodic therapeutic laser applications allow these equine athletes to recover faster and therefore train more efficiently.

Bottom line, laser therapy provides pain relief, a reduction in inflammation and accelerated healing. It is a scientifically proven healing modality. It offers your horse another option for treatment of sore backs, legs, joints and wound healing. Quoting Jack Meagher, Equine Sports Therapist, "a million dollar horse is not a million dollar horse if it is not moving like one".

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