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Intestinal Parasites

dvm (18)Looking at your pet's poop is not just something we do for fun. We are dedicated to keep your pet healthy and checking your pet for intestinal parasites is one way we do this. Intestinal parasites are one of the most common gastrointestinal problems we see in pets. They rob your pet of vital nutrients by interfering with nutritional absorption. They can also cause anemia, weight loss, poor hair coat, damage your pet's intestinal lining, damage lungs. Some of these parasites can also be harmful to humans.

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We typically check your pet for these parasites every time your pet visits our office. In order to help us make it easier for us to find these parasites and less traumatic to your pet, we recommend that you bring a fresh stool sample from your pet, in a disposable container, with you when you and your pet visit us.

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