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Our Veterinarians

Dr. Amanda E. Brown, DVMamanda

Hi, I’m Amanda E. Brown, DVM and more commonly referred to as Dr. Amanda. I have been a part of the ACC team since June 2015, however, I’ve worked on and off around the clinic since I was in high school.

I am a Bourbon County native and graduate of Fort Scott High School. During my younger years, my family had a hobby farm and a lot of 4-H animals. 4-H is an organization that truly helped me become the person I am today and I am a strong supporter of our youth involved with 4-H. After high school, I went directly to Kansas State University for my undergraduate studies and in May 2015 I graduated from Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine. I am very glad to be able to serve the community I call home. I truly could not do what I do without my team and I love helping clients learn about the different things we offer our patients. I love working with cattle, horses, and even sheep and goats. Every time I walk into an exam room, there is a different story to be told by each patient, which makes my days always different and some days very challenging.

When I’m not at the clinic you may find me running or enjoying the great outdoors. I live just outside of town on a few acres with my fur family; two horses, Edward and Wendy, and two dogs, Cleo (a border collie/lab mix) and Caesar (a blue heeler).

Dr. Yolonda Gray, DVMIMG_0864

Home town: Fort Scott, KS. I grew up in Chanute, KS, with two younger brothers.

I do what I do because: I am driven to help animals and the people attached to them.

My favorite part of my workday: Laughing along with my veterinary team members. We work hard to provide above-and-beyond care for our patients and clients and sometimes it is good to take a moment to breathe and laugh.

What inspires me: Difficult cases-the ones that really make me scratch my head and think. The ones that take me back to text books and references. I like solving my patients' illness puzzles, makes me feel like mystery detective.

I could not do my job without: My wonderfully talented & dedicated veterinary healthcare team. DSC00171

I value most: My family, which includes my husband, Bruce, my 4 daughters and 2 step-sons, and 9 grandchildren. Along with my dogs Port, Hannah and the cat, Claws.

Something most people may not know about me: I am a volunteer puppy raiser for KSDS, an organization that provides guide and assistance dogs to the disabled and an a proud owner of PORT, the wonder dog, a certified member of Therapy Dogs International.

What I do to relax: Go trail riding with friends on my buddy Rocky. I also like to knit, crotchet, and cook.

Where will I be in 5 years: I hope still doing what I love to do; practice medicine, ride horses and have fun with friends and family.

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